Magicard Prima831 Color Ribbon & Retransfer Film Set - YMCK - 1,000 prints

Magicard Prima831 Color Ribbon & Retransfer Film Set - YMCK - 1,000 prints

Item#: Prima831


Magicard PRIMA831 YMCK ribbons consist of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels for printing a full spectrum of colors by combining the colors using varying degrees of heat. The K panel is a black resin panel, typically used for printing text and barcodes.

Magicard PRIMA831 YMCK ribbons are used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes.

Magicard Retransfer Film is required for printing cards with magicard reverse-transfer printers.

Magicard retransfer printers print your card image to underside of retransfer film. The film is then applied to the surface of the card, "sandwiching" the image between the film and the card.

Magicard consumables are especially designed, tested and approved for Magicard printers to ensure high quality images and text. Genuine Magicard consumables offers the best performance and extended lifespan of your printer.

Plasco ID offers a low price guarantee on the Magicard PRIMA831 ribbon.

Did you know that Magicard PRIMA831 color ribbons and retransfer films have a shelf life?

When stored under proper conditions, Magicard PRIMA831 ribbons typically have a shelf life of up to one year. Ribbons that are more than a year old, and improperly stored, will not print optimally and will likely end up costing more money and time in maintenance and in reprinting cards.

Plasco ID is an authorized Magicard reseller specializing in ID card printing products. We guarantee that our PRIMA831 ribbons are genuine Magicard ribbons, are properly stored, and are always 'fresh'.


  • Manufacturer and item #: Magicard PRIMA831
  • The Prima 831 set includes:
    • 1 YMCK color ribbon - 1,000 prints
    • 1 Reverse transfer film - 1,000 prints

    NOTE: for use with the Magicard Prima 8 retransfer ID printer.