AWID PW Prox-Linc Clamshell Proximity Wafer - PROGRAMMED - Qty. 50

AWID PW Prox-Linc Clamshell Proximity Wafer - PROGRAMMED - Qty. 50

Item#: PW-AWID-0-0


Carry the AWID PW-AWID-0-0 Prox-Linc Proximity Wafer on a device you always have with you - like a cell phone or PDA!

The AWID PW Prox-Linc Proximity Wafer, also referred to as a tag, incorporates proximity technology into a small disk-shaped transponder. Simply attach the adhesive-backed tag to any non-metallic card or device, and you instantly have a proximity card!

The AWID PW Proximity tag is designed for use in access control applications where a Photo ID is not required.

Prox-Linc Proximity cards allow you to customize the security of your credentials with up to 72 trillion unique codes. The Prox-Linc line of proximity credentials come in standard 26 & 37-bit formats. There are also reserved facility codes in a special 34-bit format & custom formats available. Please contact us with questions and for more information on custom formatting.

AWID PW Proximity Wafer Features:

  • Consistent read range
  • Can be attached to an existing ID card, phone or PDA!
  • Small and convenient (the size of a coin), easily attaches to an existing ID card, cell phone, PDA or other similar non-metallic device for instant prox access control capability
  • Long-life passive wafer for unlimited number of reads

Note: AWID proximity credentials require a 5-7 business day lead time to accommodate custom programming.


  • Color: White
  • 50 tags per package
  • 125 kHz proximity
  • Easily and cost-effectively converts an ID badge or contact smart card into a proximity credential
  • Simply adhere a AWID PW-AWID-0-0 tag to your existing access card to seamlessly upgrade outdated technologies to prox compatibility
  • Small and convenient (the size of a coin)
  • Passive, no-battery design offers an infinite number of reads
  • Dimensions: 1.0" diameter. 0.047" thick