Customer Success Stories

Telecommunications Industry

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, and a long-time Plasco ID customer, seriously needed to modernize its legacy client-based identification and badging program. The global telecommunications giant enlisted the expertise of Plasco ID, having trust and confidence in their competency to implement successful identification and physical access control solutions for enterprise-level businesses. The Plasco ID team identified the need for a robust, cloud-based software to manage and print employee and contractor badges world-wide. The innovative software solution that was deployed expanded badge issuance in multiple languages to meet the customer’s international staffing requirements while providing the numerous daily reports required. Plasco ID managed the project from initial stages to pilot stage through to full deployment – completed entirely remotely during the pandemic! Plasco ID continues to support the customer’s badging program including hardware needs via personalized service for this unique client.

Semiconductor and Technology Company

The world’s largest semiconductor and technology company needed to upgrade its entire global badge issuance operations while introducing a new multi-technology credential ID card that would be printed on IP card printers. It turned to Plasco ID as a trusted partner for the development and deployment of a truly global ID badging software solution that could scale to its international operations. As a specialist in people access for enterprise organizations, Plasco ID was able to connect the customer’s unique criteria to a full-featured software application adaptable for growth.

Plasco ID assisted in the design of a new credential with the highest level of security that exists today, then introduced a customized fit-for-purpose IP-based printer and managed the logistics for deployment globally. Plasco’s Enterprise Project Management Team successfully handled all the software development, product sourcing, and global logistics from kick-off to go-live.

Social Media

A large social media company with users across the world realized the undertaking of an in-house ID badging program would be a massive drain to its internal teams. Instead, the customer entrusted Plasco ID with the responsibility of credential data management, ID card design, print production, and inventory management for approx. 250,000 ID cards annually. The access card project consists of managing the production and inventory of 3 card types, data encoding, file management, and timely distribution of cards back to the customer. The access cards are stocked and stored in Plasco ID’s highly secure warehouse facility which uses the latest innovations in inventory management. Prior to Plasco ID taking on the management of this customer’s ID program, lead times from production to delivery averaged from 6 to 8 weeks. Today, with efficient inventory procedures to manage forecasted and trending peak needs, the customer benefits from a speedy 24- to 48-hour turn-around, including delivery of the data files necessary to activate their access control cards. ID credential cards are distributed across 93 offices in 37 countries.