Visitor ID Management Kiosk Software Solutions

Manage multiple kiosks in remote
locations & stay connected in the cloud

Visitor Identification Management Kiosks

Self-service visitor ID management (VIM) devices are vital resources for quickly and efficiently serving clients. For more than 35 years, Plasco ID has engineered and delivered self-service and kiosk solutions for major clients around the world.

Extensive visitor management expertise was the driving force behind our best-in-class management and monitoring tool, PIDcloud. This forward-thinking kiosk management software allows real-time monitoring capabilities that integrate seamlessly with existing self-service deployments. With PIDcloud, clients receive unparalleled control, analytics and security capabilities – coupled with support, cost savings and dependable service.
Visitor ID Management Software Dashboard

PIDcloud Benefits

A consistent, complete solution
checkbox-icon   User-based access to data and actions
checkbox-icon   Web-based for simplified yet powerful system manager control
checkbox-icon   Manage legacy devices for visibility across the entire self-service platform

Reliable & convenient

checkbox-icon   All kiosks are regularly monitored for status and availability
checkbox-icon   Web browser application provides universal access by authorized users
checkbox-icon   High-availability, clustered environments are fully supported

Continuous monitoring & real-time alerts

checkbox-icon   Remotely perform diagnostics and remediations without dispatching a technician
checkbox-icon   Get up-to-date insight on all deployed kiosks
checkbox-icon   Proactively reduce service disruptions with immediate alert notifications
checkbox-icon   Integrates into existing enterprise security infrastructures as a mission-critical service


Extensive reporting & data management

checkbox-icon   Creates simple statistical reporting and analytics
checkbox-icon   Dashboard summaries provide instant status review
checkbox-icon   Third-party application access to cloud data for enhanced reports

Advanced Global Help Desk & Ticketing

checkbox-icon   24/7 access to user-friendly, customized ticketing platform
checkbox-icon   Instant and consolidated notifications from a single digital form
checkbox-icon   Comprehensive case follow-up for rapid Tech Support diagnostics and dispatching
checkbox-icon   Manage all equipment, locations and service partners in one portal
checkbox-icon   Track maintenance and repair with event reporting

For more information about PIDcloud or how Plasco ID can help you achieve your visitor ID management goals, email or call a Visitor Management Professional today at (888) 457-5272.