Visitor Identification Management

The Latest Identification Innovations are Here

Because companies are evolving faster than ever, servicing their complex identification management needs is also more critical than ever. Whether your business warrants a conventional approach to visitor / employee management or a more custom application based on your distinct needs, we will align with your requirements to produce a successful solution.

We represent all the industry’s major brands, and the identification management programs we create are a collaborative effort, always keeping the end-user in the forefront of our collective minds. With over 30 years of producing best-in-class identification solutions, we’ve developed a time-tested methodology that incorporates:

  • quality materials and fabrication
  • extensive manufacturing capabilities
  • established and trustworthy technology partners
  • certified technical reference architecture
  • industry-leading visitor management software

Our flexible production capabilities enable the timely production of visitor identification kiosks to precise specification. Along with our trusted partners, our integration competencies meet the most stringent demands in all stages – from development through deployment. In addition, we provide these exclusive value-added benefits:

  • expansive, in-field service support
  • change-order accommodation
  • expedited service requests
  • multiple system configurations

Our end-to-end consulting and integration processes creates a synthesized solution that is engineered for success.


Our clients demand powerful yet easy-to-use identification management solutions. From the initial needs assessment and statement of work through implementation and lifecycle maintenance, we provide the latest technology and complete lifecycle support.

We’ve serviced the complex and ever-evolving needs of our enterprise customers with employee and visitor management, access control, asset and inventory tracking, data administration, and high-security environment solutions.

By leveraging the expertise we’ve developed by working with diverse customers in the past, we can produce an optimal solution for your organization’s future.

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Our complete offering of identification and tracking software applications streamline your processes, maximizing your resources and strengthening your bottom line.

We feature the industry’s top software champions, including solutions for:

  • Photo Identification – Allows the design and printing of ID cards, as well as facilitating the management and encoding of card holder data, for professional-grade, multi-use credentials.
  • Visitor Management & Tracking – Improve visitor enrollment, enhance security, manage visitor details, and automate the entire identification management lifecycle. Our solutions include capabilities for visitor pre-registration, on-site registration, security checks, authorization, and more.
  • Inventory Tracking – Use barcodes to efficiently and effectively track inventory.
  • Asset Tracking – Integrated with barcode label software, asset tracking software allows you to catalog your company assets and track their movement through your organization.


We deliver kiosks for visitor identification management that are designed to deliver secure, convenient visitor registration for organizations of all sizes. Whether your organization requires a standard or a custom kiosk solution, you can depend on Plasco ID to help you streamline operations and simplify identification management.

When you choose a Plasco-engineered custom or standard kiosk, you can expect to:

  • Streamline operations at significantly reduced costs
  • Simplify visitor management with an easy-to-deploy system
  • Manage visitors with our multi-faceted web-based solution
  • Pre-register visitors, groups, contractors, or employees
  • Provide secure wireless access for all of your facility’s visitors
  • Centralize and manage requests from multiple stations
  • Generate comprehensive omnichannel reporting and analytics
  • Integrate Microsoft Outlook across an entire enterprise

Our kiosks are designed to deliver secure visitor registration for organizations of all sizes. We’ve pioneered custom-made kiosk solutions with a core team of leading software/hardware integration specialists, technology engineers, and CAD designers to construct an infrastructure that’s built to last.

We’ve also developed a variety of standard “out-of-the-box” kiosk solutions that provide the features, functions, and configurations that accommodate a substantial diversity of enterprise-level vertical markets.

The meticulously crafted design and fluid operation of Plasco kiosks reinforce our attention to detail while powerfully promoting and reinforcing your united brand. For your convenience, our kiosks are offered for any environment:

  • Indoor – For lobbies, warehouses, and other protected areas, Plasco ID indoor kiosks are designed to match your environment while providing complete efficiency with powerful functionality.
  • Outdoor – Manufactured to withstand the elements, Plasco ID’s rugged, weatherproof outdoor kiosks have you covered. With unlimited design and peripheral options, you’re assured unsurpassed flexibility.